Proxes TQ

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The new Proxes TQ is a street legal drag radial that keeps the power to the ground on high horsepower muscle cars and street machines.

A new drag radial tread compound, strengthened radial construction and optimized tread design work together to provide superior grip, straight-line performance and high-speed stability as you power down the track yet provides low noise as you drive home.

  • Drag Radial Tread Compound – Maximizes grip at launch.
  • Dual-Purpose Asymmetric Tread Design – Two distinct tread areas are optimized for track and street use.
  • Semi-Slick Inner Area – Improves traction on independent rear suspension vehicles while still maintaining consistent grip on straight axle rear suspension vehicles.
  • Variable Pitch Outer Area – Reduces pattern noise while on the street.
  • Drag Race Construction With Special Drag-Race Radial Carcass – Helps tire maintain a large, consistent contact patch for increased traction throughout a drag run.

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